If you’re reading this, you’ve probably checked out most of the site and wanted to know more about the person behind the pecans. Well...hey *insert emphatic wave*! I’m Alishia, the face behind Pecandy. I’m not gonna hold y’all for long, but I did want to share a bit behind how these delectables came to be!

One thing about me? I’m gon’ cook. I love all things delicious and quarantine gave me nothing but space and opportunity to try out a few recipes. Last year I made my first batch of candied pecans to snack on...and y’all. I was HOOKED. Like, I killed the whole pan in 1.5 days (don’t judge). Five batches later, I shared a few with my friends & fam and they too, couldn’t get enough! Over the last few months I’ve perfected the sweet, salty, crunchy texture of each candied pecan and created some bomb flavors I know you’re going to love.

So, from my oven to your hands, I hope you enjoy, share (or don’t lol) and come back for more.